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We are David and Angela McClatchey, Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, professionals in our fields and married to one another as of July 2013. David is a 2D graphics designer for screen and print; Angela is a primary school teacher. Together we live in David's hometown of Kettering in the UK where we work and are involved with our local church.


When we're not working or at church we like to watch movies, go for walks and read.


Both of us are graduates from Moorlands Christian Theology and Training College where we met. In 2012 David proposed to Angela (in costume <- pictured) and Angela said "Yes!" In July 2013 we got married and now we live together for the Glory of God.


Our lives together and apart have been inspired by God, through his teaching by his Word and his divine guidance. We both recognise that we have been called to mission and that God has put us on the path to serving him overseas.


For now we are in the UK but only for a little while longer. We are using this time to get to know one another better in preparation for a mission field which is spiritually diverse and culturally phenomenal in every way. We ask that you would pray for us in our preparation. But more importantly for the nation of Japan.

July 20th 2013

Photos from the day we got married


I Tried to make a video for every day in 2013.


It did not work out; but every video I made is now online on YouTube. As a sample, the video to the left shows you how easily entertained I can be by gyudon. For more like this, press the button:

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